Policy and Advocacy

The Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry is the voice of dental public health in Canada and advocates on behalf of it's members and the public to decision makers within government on dental public health matters.

CAPHD has a Policy and Advocacy Committee that monitors data, government politics, changing legislation and policies that may impact the practice of dental public health in Canada or impact oral health care in Canada.  

CAPHD Board of Directors aims to communicate and collaborate with Health Canada's Office of the Chief Dental Officer. 

CAPHD appoints a delegate to represent CAPHD on the Canadian Coalition of Public Health in the 21st Century (CCPH21),  which is a national network of non-profit organizations, professional associations, health charities and academic researchers who share the common goal to improve and sustain the health of Canadians


Membership benefits

  • Conference fee discounts
  • Student Bursaries
  • Subscription to our newsletter
  • Member discussion groups
  • Gain a voice for DPH in Canada